QD MLA and QD Sheet
Support All the μ-LED Options

QD MLA component will help you
solve the difficulties in the bonding
process, the technical challenge for
colorization and the inefficiency
caused by complex modularization.

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Expandability of QD MLA


QD MLA & QD Sheet for Various μ-LED

Support All the μ-LED Options

QD MLA supports the μ-LED not only with only blue light, but also with blue and red lights. In the latter case, QD MLA let blue and red lights transmitted as they are, and only the nanomaterial that converts blue light into green is injected into it during the manufacturing process. QD Sheet without MLA function also supports the μ-LED both with only blue light and blue & red lights for the applications that do not require lens function.

Support All the μ-LED Options