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LED Optic Solution Dept.

AnyCasting’s True Color Lens series has been applied to various products designed for LED lighting in a wide range of industrial environments. The True Color Lens series is ​ the product of optical design optimized for different user environments and ultra precision molding, and new products will be added to the series continuously.​ ​

AnyCasting’s specialized lens design techniques are based on the latest plastic molding technology and offer high quality with micro and nano-patterned optical lenses.​ ​ ​

AnyCasting’s LED Lighting Solution Development is engaged in ongoing R&D on ultra precision pattern-applied optical lenses to supply its clients with LED lighting lenses. ​ AnyCasting is a proud supplier of high quality LED lighting lenses for different applications to meet the diverse needs of our clients. AnyCasting’s LED Lighting Solution ​ Department provides optical solutions compact and suitable for the diverse applications required by clients to help them to achieve their objectives quickly and efficiently. ​ ​ ​

Through innovative optic R&D, AnyCasting supplies its clients with the high-end goods used in technical lighting lens, aircraft, harbor, automobile, bio, and BLU products. ​ AnyCasting’s advanced technology has allowed it to take application’s quality to a new level.​

Internal Organization​

LED Optic
Solution Dept.

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  • Factory​

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  1. 2001

    • Established corporation​
  2. 2002

    • Selected as Venture Business​​​
    • Established Institute of Technology​​
  3. 2005

    • Obtained INNO-BIZ​
    • Certified as Environmental
    • Management System​
  4. 2007

    • Moved Headquarter to Seoul​
    • Established Plant at Gimhae​
  5. 2008

    • Expanded Gimhae Plant​
    • Certified as Clean Room​
    • Awarded NET New Technology​
  6. 2010

    • Established Institute of Production and Technology​
    • Awarded Prime Minister ​ (New Technology Industrialization Evaluation)​
  7. 2012

    • Certified as Parts Specialized Company ​
    • Certified as Patent Star Company​
  8. 2013

    • Green Technology Certified Company​
    • Patented LED flat panel lighting module​
  9. 2014

    • Obtained ISO 9001, ISO14001​
    • Awarded KOTRA president prize of​ New technology excellent company​
  10. 2015

    • Awarded Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy​
    • Selected as a Brain Competence Excellent Enterprise​
    • Obtained ISO/TS 16949​
  11. 2016

    • Contracted a distributor in India​
    • Selected as the best company for job invention compensation​
  12. 2017

    • Awarded the Prime Minister Prize of New Technology Excellent Company​
  13. 2018

    • Awarded as World Class Product of Korea​